Spray Crete

For Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba

Now is the time for a remake that plain, old, and boring concrete through spray crete Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba. Whether it be your patio, garden pavement, driveway, pool area, and alfresco. This is applicable to any kind of concrete.


Spray crete – What is it?

Spraycrete for Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba is the process of coating your existing slab with sprayed concrete. It enhances the look and functionality of your patio, garden, pavement, pool area, alfresco and driveway by turning your slab into an attractive yet safe and functional surface. 

This is very easy to apply which results to a soft and adaptable texture, which is not achievable with standard concrete coating alone. Thus making it a popular choice for those who wish to mimic tiles and pavement brick look on their property. 


What are the major benefits of spray crete?

Spray crete for Dalby, Highfields, Gatton and Toowoomba can deliver the following benefits:

  • Non-slip and soft texture
  • Stunning finish
  • Endless possibility of designs and colours
  • Longevity and high endurance


Where to spray crete in Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba

You can apply spray crete in the following areas of your properties in Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba:


Spray crete on alfresco and patios

Most of the time, homeowners are looking into how they can make their alfresco and patios more attractive. Often times, it is either in plain slab flooring or in just plain floor paint. Well, that can be too boring right? That’s why others opt for tiles on their slabs.

With spraycrete, you now have the magic to transform these slabs into something more special. This is the best alternative to tiles as this lessens the tendencies of tarnishing or cracking. It is also super durable thanks to its superior strength. 


Spray crete for drive paths/ways

Normal driveways are simple and plain, but with spray crete this can turn into an elegant driveway. 

Drive paths/ways are one of the areas where spraycrete can be applied. If you can turn your alfresco and patios into an attractive area, you can also do it to your driveway. 

Are you worried that it may crack or tarnish?

With spray crete, you won’t have to worry about these. Spray crete driveway can withstand heavy pressure while providing it with a gripped surface. Thus providing a solution to a slippery driveway. 


Spray crete for pool area

Are you always troubled that your kids or your guests may slip after taking a swim at the pool? Spray crete eliminates this problem. Thanks to its slip resistant feature.. 

Now you can enjoy swimming while admiring the beauty of your pool area. 

Contact us if you want to apply spray crete to property in HighfieldsDalbyGatton, and Toowoomba .

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