Shed Slabs

For Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba

Building the foundation for your house site or any part of your property is crucial. Thus, the need to hire the services of a high quality shed slab makers in Toowoomba, Dalby, Highfields and Gatton.

Here at Ken the Concretor, we guarantee not just a “passable slab” but a sturdy and great one that will make your house and building last for a long time.


What is a shed slab?

A shed slab may look simple for some but it is more than a thick slab of concrete that sits on the ground. It is a foundation that is commonly 100mm to 150mm thick. It is poured directly into the prepared surface with a single whilst ensuring that the edges are thicker. This gives more strength to the perimeter. 

To add additional strength, some concrete slab makers in Dalby and Toowoomba use post tension cables or reinforced steel rod reinforcement sheets. Talk to us should you need a shed slab for your:

  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Garden shed
  • Storage shed
  • Equine shed 
  • Commercial shed


Why do you need a well-built shed slab in Dalby, Gatton, Highfields and Toowoomba?

A well-built shed slab in Dalby and Toowoomba ensures correct expansion cuts that limit any visible cracking while enhancing the look of your entire shed. Should you need any concrete coatings done on your shed slab, we can also handle it. Just complete our online form to schedule an appointment with us.

Got more questions about your shed slabs for your HighfieldsDalbyGatton, and Toowoomba  property? Send us a message.

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